Auburn Community Church has witnessed God move through Auburn's college campus in many ways. The impact these students have on ACC as well as the impact Jesus has had in their lives has been a remarkable movement to watch.

We want to offer these students all of the opportunities they can get to stay connected in a community that guides them to walk with Jesus, and encourages them to grow daily in their faith. 


Get Involved


The Leadership Development Program offers students the opportunity to dive into a journey to further their leadership skills while having hands-on ministry experience. Each school year we select LDPs to be a part of our team, each working approximately 20 hours a week. This is an advanced, engaged internship program for college juniors and seniors. If you are interested in becoming a participant in our program we encourage you to come talk to our leadership team after a Sunday gathering. 


Auburn Community Church encourages college students to attend our evening gathering. The 5PM has shown to attract more college students allowing them to connect and grow a relationship with other college students each Sunday.  


We offer a variety of Community Groups based on gender and age. Students usually meet weekly to dive into the word and grow a community with other students. If you would like to join a group visit our Community Groups page to select which one fits best with you!


We also like to encourage students to volunteer at ACC. We believe that our church is not built on the talent of a few but the sacrifice of the many. Students that serve are able to make new friends and develop their leadership gift to serve others. Opportunities include creative team, host team, ACC Kids and many others found on our serve team page.



The heartbeat of Passion is for the Name and Renown of Jesus and we believe that hundreds of ACC students joining their generation in worship is a great way to begin the new decade! 

Please join us! You can purchase your conference  ticket here for $99. This will also give you a seat in ACC’s block!  You are responsible for your transportation and lodging. 

*** If you have already purchased your ticket outside of ACC and would like to sit with us at Passion, just fill out the form below with your confirmation number! ***

If you have any further questions you can email us at the form below:

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