A letter from our Pastor:

On behalf of the staff, elders, and leadership of Auburn Community Church I want to say a huge welcome! Our church family has witnessed a move of God over the past few years and it is an honor to be a part of it. In the spring of 2014, God moved in the hearts of several families in Auburn to see something new happen in their community. At the same time, God was birthing a vision in mine and my wife’s heart to lead a church that existed to break down barriers between people and Jesus. We launched ACC as a “church without walls” not simply because we were a church without a building, but because we want to see walls broken down in people’s lives through our church. We always reminded each other that church is people not a place, and church is a movement, not a meeting. Since then we have seen Jesus grow a small group of families into thousands that range across all ages and life backgrounds. It has truly been a miracle to witness! 

One of the most common questions we get is “what does it mean to be a member of ACC?” I understand what they are asking, so I try to explain details about our vision and how they can be involved. However, what I really want to respond is this, “what does it mean for you to be a member of your family?” Church is more than an organization that you join, it is a family you are a member of. There’s not always a black and white explanation of what that means, but there is a sense of belonging and commitment that is undeniable. Here are the three ways you can experience belonging and commitment at ACC:

1. COMMUNITY GROUPS: We believe that every member of ACC should be actively participating in the life of our church through a community group. As our church has grown, it has become increasingly important to make sure that no one is getting lost in the crowd. Not only does life change happen best in groups, Jesus created the church to be a group, not an individual. We believe that the cost of life together is the sacrifice of commitment. If you are a member of ACC, we ask that you commit to a community group so that you can grow in your faith in the context God created you for: community! (join a community group here)

2. SERVE TEAMS: Our church is not built on the talent of a few, but the sacrifice of the many. Being a member of ACC means serving in some capacity in your church home. There are so many different ways to get involved because there is so much going on at ACC. We believe our home church should not simply be the place where we take what we need, but the place where we give for the sake of others. If you are a member of ACC, it means serving on one of our many serve teams. (join a serve team here)

3. GIVING: Our worship is not simply the songs we sing or words we say, worship is the heart we give with. If you are a member of ACC, it means tithing to ACC as your local home church. Tithing is setting aside the first 10% of what God entrusts to us and giving to the local church. It is our joy and our privilege to give generously and sacrificially to ACC because we are giving to a God who will not be out-given and a mission that is critical. We believe ACC is an incredible investment of your resources because God is using those resources to make much of the name of Jesus. (give here)

Lastly, beyond a list of three points, I want you to know that what it really means to be a member of our church family is to be “all-in.” More than anything, be here, be all here, and be all here consistently. It is an honor and a privilege to be on this journey with you. If after reading this you are ready to take the step to join our church, please sign our membership covenant to affirm your commitment. Welcome to the ACC family! 

Miles Fidell, Lead Pastor
Auburn Community Church