On behalf of the staff, elders, leaders and families of Auburn Community Church, I want to say a huge welcome to you! It is truly an honor to be a part of this faith family and we would love for you to join us.

When we launched ACC in August of 2014, the heartbeat of our church was to be a church without walls. What that fully meant for us we didn’t know at the time, but God has been faithful in every season of our journey so far to reveal Himself one step at a time. From meeting and out-growing 3 different locations in our first year to baptizing new believers, and onto much more, our church sees our mission to lead people to come follow Jesus, and to go make disciples for the glory of God.

We do this by presenting a Radical Gospel, encouraging a Missional Movement, and fostering a Communal Culture at ACC. You can read all about those things on this site, but I want to say up front that our church is different and our church is developing. We are different in that we believe God has a unique calling on our body of believers that doesn’t look like a traditional model of church.

We want ACC to be a movement, not a meeting, and people, not a place. A church without walls! I say that we are developing in that we are a new church trying to be obedient to God’s revelation. We do not know all that God has planned, but we are trying to humbly allow God to reveal Himself and obey as we move forward.

Finally, I want to invite you to come to our church, and if you have come to take the step to join our church. If you share our heart to be a church without walls, please consider joining up with us through giving, serving, and ultimately being a fully committed member of our family.


Grateful for you, 

Miles Fidell, Lead Pastor