Auburn Community Church exists to lead people to COME follow Jesus and GO make disciples for the glory of God.


Mission: Come & Go

At ACC we do not believe that it is our job to define what the ultimate mission of the Church is. We believe in looking to Scripture alone and staying committed to what Jesus, the Head of the Church, has already commanded us. Then we believe it our responsibility to apply this mission to our unique context in Auburn. That is why we call our mission, “Come & Go.” The two most explicit commands of Jesus to his followers are, “Come, follow me,” (Matthew 4:19) and “Go make disciples” (Matthew 28:19). 

We don’t want to build a church just to build a church. We want to build a church to pick a fight.
— Miles Fidell

We are a church committed to radically surrendering everything in our lives to follow Jesus. We are a church committed to the mission of reaching people for the glory of God. Therefore, it is our deepest conviction that God is calling us to be a “Come & Go” church. We come follow Jesus and go make disciples. We come together on Sundays in worship and go out on Mondays on mission to reach the lost. We come together in community with one another in our homes and go out to serve our local community in their homes. 

We’re about a group of people that comes together to go out, gather and scatter. And don’t forget the scatter because were are going to reach people for the glory of God.
— Miles Fidell

Finally, we embrace a "Come & Go" mindset in our specific context. Being in a college town, we believe God has given us unique influence with university students and many other leaders of the future. Many members of our church will come and go every four to six years. It is our joy that they would come to ACC and encounter Jesus and then eventually go and change the world wherever God calls them next.