We Value a Radical Gospel, A Missional Movement and a Communal Culture

Radical Gospel

At ACC we believe that anyone and everyone are welcome to come follow Jesus. It does not matter where you come from, what sins are in your past, or how you far you are from God, it’s not too late and no one is ever too far from God because of what Jesus did on the cross! His love for us is so amazing, radical, and unconditional that we cannot help but say “yes” to His call on our lives.

We also believe that what it means to be a Christian is to be a radical follower of Jesus Christ, willing to surrender our entire lives to follow Him. Sadly, much of American church culture in our day has become more about attending services and walking away with nothing changing in our every day lives. Putting a Christian spin on the American dream, we blend our “church life” with every other area of life and move forward thinking that this is all God wants. But this is not our desire for ACC! We believe that when Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave, he made a brand new life available for each of us in relationship with our Heavenly Father. The only way to access this relationships is to make Jesus the Lord and Savior of our lives. Many believe He is Savior, but for Jesus to be Lord of our lives as well we must surrender everything to Him. That is why we strive to present a Radical Gospel. At ACC we want everything about us to be a radical response to the overwhelming love God has shown to us! When you come to our worship services, you will notice that we do not take praising God or preaching about God’s Word lightly. We do so with radical passion because we believe it is the only rightful response to what Jesus has done. We hope that valuing a Radical Gospel distinguishes our church as a body of believers who make a big deal about God because He is worthy.

We’re a people, not a place. We’re a movement, not a meeting.
— Miles Fidell

Missional Movement

The purpose of the church given in Matthew 28 is that we, as followers of Christ, would go and make disciples for the glory of God. Not only is the spread of God’s glory to all peoples the purpose of the church; it’s also the reason why humanity exists. That’s why at ACC we believe in a Missional Movement. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was not intended to stay within the walls of the church, it was meant to be spread to anyone and everyone who will believe. Our passion is to spread the love of God to the lost, hurting, and broken world all around us. One of our greatest celebrations at ACC is baptizing believers who have decided to follow Jesus. It is our goal that the number of people attending and being baptized at ACC will always be growing because our mission is not complete until Christ returns. We want to grow and reach people in our community and the rest of the world because every single person reached has a story and represents a life raised from the dead!

Our church is the proof of God to the world.

Communal Culture

The center of the name of our church is the word “community.” That’s because at ACC we want everyone to feel like they are a part of a family.  We never want our church to be limited to songs and sermons on Sundays, it must go far beyond this. In the book of Acts we read the story of the early church experiencing an amazing move of God in their time. However, we see that this move was on the basis of their love for God and each other. Their culture of community was natural and above and beyond the love the world had ever seen or experienced elsewhere. It is our hope that through doing life deeply together, we too can experience the fullness of life in Christ with one another. This happens when each of one of us commits to being a part of a greater whole. ACC is not built on the talents of a few, but on the sacrifices of the many.  And we realize that the price of authentic community is the sacrifice of wholehearted commitment. It is our joy and priveldge to invite others to be fully committed members of our faith family.

Eternity awakens us. Community sustains us.
— Miles Fidell