Welcome college parents! We are so glad that you found our website and want to know more about the move of God your family is experiencing here in Auburn. Even though you may not be in Auburn, we want you to feel a part of our community no matter how far away you are!

Below is a message from our Lead Pastor to you:



The Johnson Family


“One visit to ACC and you will have no doubt that the truth of the word is being preached with passionate conviction and that the spirit is moving in a powerful way through authentic worship, small groups, and serving the community. What more could we want for one of our children than for them to have that kind of college!

We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to be a part of ACC when we are in town as well as having the privilege of investing with our prayers and resources when we are at home in Atlanta. We have been blown away by what God is doing on the plains in Auburn, AL and that’s why ACC is our church home away from home! Come check it out and experience “real church” in a college town.“

- Keith & Paige Johnson