Church Without Walls

The specific vision God has given us is to be a “Church Without Walls.” ACC launched in March of 2014 through conversations in an Ace Hardware Store (not at all a typical place for the inception of a church!). However, our church is not defined by the place we are meeting, it is defined by the mission we are called to as people. We are people, not a place. We are a movement, not a meeting.

So far ACC has met in countless different venues for services with no immediate plans for a permanent location. In addition to not having literal walls to call our own, at ACC we do not program our ministries for specific age groups or one individual demographic. Rather, our aim is to bring the church together as one family regardless of age, race, gender, economics or any other dividing wall between different types of people. Ultimately, our goal is not just to bring people together, but also to bring them to Jesus Christ.

We want to be a church that breaks down walls between where people are and where Jesus is. We want to be a church that knocks down any and every boundary that might hinder others or ourselves from experiencing the abundant life God has for us. Our vision of a “Church Without Walls” will always be ongoing and evolving, but it will be the goal we continue to strive for the specific calling God has on ACC.